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Dreaming of an artificial tree that looks like a real thing and brings vivid atmosphere with its long lasting beauty? Check out Green4Ever’s trees that will fulfill all your expectations. Find some of our previous projects from here.


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Welcome to Green4ever's Artificial Tree selection

At Green4ever, we offer a wide selection of over 1000 artificial trees, representing over 150 different species. Whether you're looking for a tree to bring a touch of nature to your home or office, or you need a lifelike artificial tree for a restaurant or hotel, we have something for every need and budget. With our convenient filters, it's easy to find the perfect tree for your space, and our DeLuxe collection marks the highest quality and most lifelike appearance available.

The Benefits of Artificial Trees

Artificial trees offer a number of benefits compared to real trees. For one, they require no maintenance or watering, making them a hassle-free option for busy homeowners or business owners. They also don't shed leaves or produce pollen, making them a great choice for people with allergies. Additionally, artificial trees are more durable and long-lasting than real trees, and they can be used indoors or outdoors, depending on the material they are made of.

Our Artificial Trees are Indistinguishable from Real Trees

Many of our artificial trees feature trunks made of natural wood, giving them a lifelike appearance that is indistinguishable from real trees. Our trees come in a variety of sizes and shapes, so you can find the perfect fit for your space. Whether you want a small tabletop tree for your home or a large, impressive tree for a commercial setting, we have something for every need. And with our wide selection of species, you can choose the perfect tree for your decor or to match the natural surroundings of your space.

Shop Our Most Popular Species

Some of our most popular species include olive trees, bamboo, pine, buxus, palms, and fig trees. We also have the largest collection of bonsai trees available. Whether you're looking for a traditional or a more unique species, we have something for everyone. And with our filters, it's easy to find the perfect tree based on size, species, price, and more.

We Can Handle Bigger Projects

One of our strong points is that we have a large quantity of products in stock, making it easy for us to handle bigger projects. Whether you're looking to furnish a hotel lobby with artificial trees or you need trees for a special event, we have the experience and resources to meet your needs. And with our fast delivery service, we can get your trees to you quickly, no matter where you are located in Europe.