Scroll down and see all the variations of our natural looking artificial bamboos. Each and every one of them is lifelike, durable and made of quality materials only. All these products here have trunks and branches of a real bamboo – this makes their overall appearance indistinguishable from the real plants. Pick a bamboo if you're looking for a trendy design element to your home, hotel, restaurant or office.


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    Royal Bamboo XL tree (130 cm) Royal Bamboo XL tree (130 cm)
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    Bamboo (150 cm) Bamboo (150 cm)
  3. Royal Bamboo plant (70 cm) Royal Bamboo plant (70 cm)
  4. Bamboo (25 cm) Bamboo (25 cm)

Green4ever's artificial bamboo selection

At Green4ever, we have a very nice selection of tens of different artificial bamboos. Our bamboos come in a range of sizes and heights, with the tallest reaching up to four meters in height. We also offer bamboos with different volumes, some of which are delicate while others are full and fluffy. Each and every one of our artificial bamboos is made using real bamboo branches and trunks, making them indistinguishable from the real plant. Our artificial bamboos are also suitable for outdoor use, with different sizes and shapes of leaves and multiple shades of green for a more realistic look.

The benefits of artificial plants

There are many benefits to choosing artificial plants over real ones. Artificial plants require no maintenance, no watering, and no sunlight, making them a convenient and low-maintenance option for any space. They also do not attract pests or produce allergens, making them suitable for those with allergies or sensitivities. Additionally, artificial plants are a sustainable choice as they do not use resources such as water or sunlight, and they do not produce carbon emissions through transportation or the manufacturing process.

The DeLuxe collection

For those seeking the highest possible quality and lifelike appearance, Green4ever offers the DeLuxe collection of artificial bamboo plants. These bamboos are the most realistic and lifelike on the market, making them perfect for home, office, restaurants, and hotels. They are also great for larger projects, as we have many products in stock and are able to deliver across Europe. Our strong point is that we have a wide selection of products available, making us a great choice for any project, big or small.