About us

Green4Ever is an online store that has a truly large selection of top quality artificial plants, trees and flowers. Furthermore, our selection is growing continuously. All the products are made by professionals using only premium materials. Our goal is to create artificial plants that are indistinguishable from the real ones - when placing a real and an artificial plant side by side not being able to tell the difference from a two meter distance. We are certain that from our more than 1000 different products everybody will find a plant to their liking. The honest and realistic 360 degree rotatable product images and detailed description will help each client to pick the best plant for them. We are also sharing useful tips, information and inspiration in our blog. We do appreciate our clients and good relations. It is important for us to approach personally to every customer while staying professional.  

As said before, from our store you will find a wide variety and variations of our 150 species presented. You know what else is good? Every single product that can be found in our site is available at this moment of time, can be ordered and dispatched immediately. Thanks to our about 300 000 available plants many companies have selected us to work together on their big decoration projects. Hundreds of products of ours are bringing long lasting greenery, brightness and an outstanding vibrant ambience to quite a few hotels, spas, offices, trading companies and salons by now. We have gathered some of them together on one project page - make sure you check it out. We can be there for you as well, just reach out to us. Also, if you'd like to come and see the plants in real life then we'd be happy to welcome you in Rotermanni, Tallinn. We can show the plants on appointment only, therefore please send an email or call us to schedule a meeting - contact info you'll find from here. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Marge Sandberg Emile Koolstra Reeli Lisa
Marge Emile Reeli Lisa


The nature everywhere around us is wonderful – so rich, full of beauty and pecularity! It's Green4Ever's mission that in a chaninging climate we could be surrounded by a beautiful lush greenery and colorful blossoms throughout the year with no extra work or effort put in.

Did you know that green tones symbolize balance and harmony? They also reduce stress levels, help heal and lower the tension. Green plants in the workspace increase productivity. And this is exactly what we would like to bring to your life! With our artificial plants you can create an environment filled with positive vibes and you can enjoy the beauty and brilliance of different species even when it's dark and gray outside, again.

Our product range

Why are Green4Ever's artififcial plants the best option and what makes them stand out among others?

  • A very large selection– there are about 1000 beautiful plants from 150 species and our selection is constantly growing. You can find individual leaves or flower branches as well as four meter high trees and one of a kind artificial bonsais.
  • Lifelike and quality are the keywords that go hand in hand with our products. We keep working on providing the best possible artificial plants.
  • 3D molds and real trunks give our products the ultimate natural look. Combining the precise and detailed features common to each and every species with real wooden trunks they make a combo that couldn't be more realistic.
  • UV protected products are suitable for outdoors and you don't have to worry them losing their beauty or bright colour even after years under the sunshine. 

The advantages of an artificial plant

Green4Ever doesn't compete with living plants because there are occasions and places where they are a must but artificial plants have compelling advantages, too. They give you the carefree routine, help you save time, will never let you down or die on you.

  • Maintenance free – Perfect for people who are not great with plants and who don't have time to spend on looking after them.
  • Undemanding – capricious living plants require attention and care because stunted or wild specimens don't give credit to any place.
  • Durable – artificial plants won't lose their beauty, shape or volume and they will shine even under conditions where living plants would not survive.
  • Lifesaver for people with allergies – plus they eliminate the risk of poisoning which are especially important for families with small children and pets.