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Grass plants Grass plants
Grass plants
Zamioculca Zamioculca
Strelitzia Strelitzia
Dracaena Dracaena
Phoenix palm Phoenix palm
Phoenix palm
Monstera Monstera
Olive tree Olive tree
Olive tree
Boxwood Boxwood


Welcome to the online shop that offers a great variety of artificial plants and trees! Our high quality and natural looking products are made under a keen eye and skilful hands by professionals in their field. We have a selection of almost 1,000 artificial plants, trees and flowers from more than 150 different species.

Our aim is that, from a distance of two metres, it is hard to say for sure which is which when a live plant and an artificial plant are placed side by side. For more information on our working principles and the process of creating our products, read our blog post "How to identify a top-quality artificial plant?".

Artificial plants are a wonderful choice for any style of home, balcony and terrace, office, restaurant or hotel. They simply make your life so much easier! Check out our blog post "TOP 10 reasons to pick an artificial plant" and see for yourself!

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With today's technology and quality materials it is now possible to create artificial plants which are so well replicated that they are almost indistinguishable from the real thing. Among other advantages, they are also a great alternative in a climate where the changing seasons and unstable temperatures have a huge impact on the life cycle and the plant's wellbeing in general.

The living plants get their vitality from the sunlight but also depend on its owners knowledge and skills to provide preferable conditions for each and every species. With high quality artificial plants such worries and responsibilities won't occur. You'd only need to pick your favourites and just enjoy the long lasting greenery, beauty and brilliance that this piece of art provides you.

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