Artificial plants

Interested in high quality and natural looking artificial plants? Searching for a plant to bring greenery for a vibrant ambience? You're at the right place, scroll down and find your favourites! Let yourself be inspired by our previous projects.

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UV Protection

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  1. Deluxe product image
    Royal Bamboo XL tree (130 cm) Royal Bamboo XL tree (130 cm)
  2. Trailing Petunia (100 cm) Trailing Petunia (100 cm)
  3. Strelitzia Nicolai (180 cm) Strelitzia Nicolai (180 cm)
  4. Callisia trailing plant (70 cm) UV Callisia trailing plant (70 cm) UV
  5. Sanseveria (130 cm)
  6. Deluxe product image
    Boxwood Ball (60 cm) UV Boxwood Ball (60 cm) UV
  7. Deluxe product image
    Boxwood Ball (175 cm) UV Boxwood Ball (175 cm) UV
  8. Orange Bonsai (65 cm) Orange Bonsai (65 cm)
  9. Deluxe product image
    Strelitzia (115 cm) Strelitzia (115 cm)
  10. Deluxe product image
    Boxwood Spiral (140 cm) UV Boxwood Spiral (140 cm) UV
  11. Deluxe product image
    Reed Grass (120 cm) UV Reed Grass (120 cm) UV
  12. Deluxe product image
    Pine Tree XL (130 cm) UV Pine Tree XL (130 cm) UV
  13. Deluxe product image
    Cycas Palm (80 cm) Cycas Palm (80 cm)
  14. Phalaenopsis Orchid (50 cm) in ceramic bowl Phalaenopsis Orchid (50 cm) in ceramic bowl
  15. Draceana Fragrans XL tree (170 cm) Draceana Fragrans XL tree (170 cm)

Green4ever - Your One-Stop Shop for Artificial Plants

At Green4ever, we have over 1000 artificial plants to choose from, representing over 100 different species. Our plants are available in hanging, standing, and outdoor options, making it easy to find the perfect plant for any space. We also offer a DeLuxe collection, featuring the highest quality plants available.

Benefits of Artificial Plants

Artificial plants offer a number of benefits over their live counterparts. For starters, they are incredibly low maintenance, requiring no watering or sunlight to keep them looking fresh and vibrant. This makes them perfect for busy individuals or businesses who want to add some greenery to their space without the hassle of caring for live plants. Additionally, artificial plants are highly durable and can withstand a wide range of environmental conditions, making them a great choice for both indoor and outdoor use.

Shop Our Collection of Artificial Plants

At Green4ever, we make it easy to shop for the perfect artificial plant. Our website features a range of filters that allow customers to easily narrow down their options by size, species, and other important factors. This makes it easy to find exactly what you're looking for, whether you're looking for a small potted plant for your desk or a large Olive tree for your lobby. Additionally, our website features the most popular species, including Olive trees, Bamboo, and many grass types, as well as the largest collection of Bonsai's available online.

Projects and Delivery

In addition to our extensive collection of artificial plants, we also offer a range of services for businesses and other organizations. We can assist with larger projects, such as outfitting office buildings, restaurants, and hotels with artificial plants, and we have a large inventory on hand to ensure that we can meet even the most demanding project requirements. We also offer delivery across Europe, making it easy to get your artificial plants wherever you need them.

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If you're looking for high-quality artificial plants, Green4ever is the perfect place to shop. With our extensive collection, easy-to-use website, and expert project assistance, we make it easy to find and purchase the perfect plants for your space. Shop our collection today and discover the benefits of artificial plants for yourself.