• • What makes Green4Ever's products stand out from the rest in the artificial plants market?

We offer a wide variety of quality goods. There are more than a thousand lifelike artificial plants, trees and flowers available to choose from. A great amount of our plants have 360 degree rotatable product images which gives the client a realistic and honest overview. We are constantly looking for new materials and ways to develop the product making process to provide the best possible quality. Also, a lot of the plants are created according to the vision of our own designers.  

  • • Can I come and see the plants myself?

Yes, from now on we can show you a great variety of our products in Tallinn, Rotermanni 6 (second floor). Please note that the meeting is on appointment only. To schedule a visit, please send us an email or reach out by phone - find our contacts from here. You can see there all our most popular plant species, both standing and hanging plants of different measurements. Please note that there will be no on-site sales.

In addition to the Rotermanni addres many of Green4Ever's beautiful artificial plants have been used to decorate Kaubamaja in Tallinn and the castle spa Wagenküll, if you're around go check them out. We'd like to mention that we are confident in the quality of our products and therefore we offer money-back guarantee when not happy with the plants. So ordering online would be totally risk free for you.

  • • Are Green4Ever's products suitable for outdoors?

Yes, in our product range there is a bunch of plants that can be held outside. All these products have been marked as "UV protected". To separate them from all the rest use the handy filter system. Just click on "Filter" and mark "Yes" in front of the field "UV protected/Suitable outdoors". Do the same to allocate products by features that are important to you.

  • • I have a few meters of free space on my terrace. I'd like to fill it by using artificial plants, both for beauty and privacy. How do I know how many pieces I would need?

There is a table below each product from where you can find its diameter. Just divide the lenght of the free space with the diameter of the selected plant and that way you will find out how many of them you'd need.

  • • I've received my plant. What should I keep in mind when and after unpacking?

We are carefully wrapping the products up before the shipment to avoid any damages during the travel. Bigger and fluffier plants might need a little modelling after unboxing to give them back their natural look. This is a simple procedure where the branches and leaves need to be bent a bit to give them their natural curve and volume.

  • • How should I care for the plants?

Looking after artificial plants doesn't require any effort but removing the dust during a regular tidy up is very much welcomed. For that you could use an anti static cloth or a slightly moist other soft fabric. We do not recommend leaving indoor plants under the rain or wash them under the shower. Natural trunks and materials are often used and therefore excessive water may cause rotting whereas cleaning with a moist fabric won't cause any harm.

We also recommend to try out our cleaning spray that's especially made for artificial plants. The spray turns the dust into tiny balls which are then easily removed with a duster or a soft cloth. The named product leaves an antistatic layer on the plant so it wouldn't attract as much dust anymore and you can give them a wipe even more seldom. This spray brings back the plant's fresh colour and gives them a glossy look – keep that in mind if it might not suit for your plant. 

  • • Are the artificial plants sold in the pots that are shown on the images?

Usually the pots shown on the images are illustrative and the plant will be received by you in a black plastic inner pot. This makes it easy for you to place the plant with an inner pot to the decorative planter of your taste. This way you will have the freedom to choose the decorative pot that matches also with the interior design needed, its colour theme and style. By the way, a few of our plants do come in a pot or vase shown on the image and in this case the information will be found from the product name. 

  • • How to choose a right pot for my new plant?

Artificial plants are not demanding and regardless of the species they don't basically set any limits here. In contrast to living plants artificial ones don't mind impractical pots and don't care about the exact material, extra space or how breathable it is. As explained above, the majority of our products will be delivered in an inner pot, just check the size of it from the description and choose the decorative pot slightly bigger for you to be able to place one in another. 

  • • Does Green4Ever offer a selection of decorative pots?

Yes, we now do have aside from high quality artificial plants also a selection of original and stylish Altèra pots and planters. You can choose from 16 configurable products and decide over their exact shape, colour and size. If you'd like to see more, send us an email and we will forward you the full Altèra catalogue with more than 900 products. 

  • • Can I order the filling for pots?

Yes, sure! We are offering 5 litre bags of decorative wooden chips for a natural looking result. You can select between four different colours. On special request we could provide you also with a 35 litre bags, just send us an email and we will get it sorted. Also, if you prefer pebbles and decorative stones to wooden chips, please reach out to us and we can help you there as well.


  • • Can I only pay through the internet bank?

We have more options to pay for the goods - in addition to the online bank you can also do it via bank transfer, bank card, PayPal and invoice. If invoice is your wish then let us know by sening an email to [email protected]. Also, for our clients in Estonia we can offer the Montonio Split option. How this works? You can pay after one month. Check more info from the Payments, Delivery and Returns page.

  • • On what conditions is it possible for my company to have a 0% VAT invoice?

You can have a 0% VAT invoice if your company is outside of Estonia, but within the EU and with a valid VAT number. For that we'd ask you to send your order to [email protected] and we will make sure everything is taken care of within 1 working day.



  • • Is there a discount on shipping for bigger orders?

Yes, for orders over 100 € no shipping fee is added. 

  • • How are the XL trees and very big orders delivered?

Massive artificial plants and trees are sent on special pallets which will be delivered to your doorstep by a courier. If your order requires sending on the pallets then we will contact you prior the delivery and go over the details. 

  • • I have made the order, when will it will be delivered?

You will find the estimated delivery info from the product description. Usually it is among two weeks. We do our best to get your order delivered as soon as possible. Please keep in mind that some periods of the year are busier than others, for example holiday seasons, and therefore some delays may occur. Nevertheless we will always send you a tracking code as soon as the products are shipped. So you can keep an eye on the delivery and know where your goods are at all times. Everything mentioned in this paragraph stands for the orders made straight through Green4Ever e-shop. For special projects and proposals the estimated delivery time and cost will be found from the document sent to the client.

  • • I have received the tracking code. How can I see where my parcel is at?

We will send you the tracking code as soon as the parcel has been shipped. Just click on the code and you will get all the info related to the delivery. You can also copy and paste the code to the required field in the courier's website – for DPD do it here ja for DHL here.

  • What if I'm not happy with the product?

We are very sorry if the artificial plant wasn't as you pictured it. Green4Ever offers money-back guarantee and if you would like to return the product you will get all the info about the returns policy from here.

  • Do the shipping conditions differ when deliverying to remote islands?

We do ship to remote islands but the shipping can be delayed because of alternative and slower transport, the weather or the number of delivery days on the island. Due to extra expenses because of the alternative transport, storage or other surcharges that might be charged, rates for delivery could be higher.

Depending on the location, shipping documents for the customs clearance might have to be prepared. Usually, it isn't necessary when shipping within the EU. However, when shipping to islands that form part of the EU but aren't located in Europe (such as Canary Islands), the shipment will go through customs, as the island could be considered a territory outside the EU.

You'll have an option to refuse the increase in shipment costs - we will then cancel the order and refund. If you'd like to double-check the delivery times/costs to your location beforehand, just get in touch with us.



  • • I'm about to decorate a big hall/hotel/spa and I could use some advice on picking the best artificial plants. Could you help me with that?

We will happily help with both small and big projects. Just get in touch with us, send some photos of the area that needs decorating and let us know about your ideas. According to your wishes we will then create a special proposal. Send us an email to [email protected] or sent the ideas through the contact form.

  • • Can I find Green4Ever from social media?

Sure! Keep an eye on our posts about the latest news and best offers, see some exclusive behind the scenes material and take part in giveaways and games. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram.