Dracaena: from this page you can find variations of our popular artificial dracanea. Every product's made of high quality materials which guarantees the durability and natural looks that makes them indistinguishable from the real plant.

Artificial dracaena like other products of ours, is a great addition to different types of surroundings. We have dracaenas with height up to 190 cm as well as low bushes and individual branches. The selection is wide and different variations give you the possibility to fit an artificial dracaena anywhere you like.

Dracaenas form a big family of trees and shrubs. Two of its most popular species are dracaena marginata and dracaena reflexa. The first one is originally from Madagascar and in nature can grow up to 2-5 meters. It's leaves are long, about 1-2 cm wide and are boarded by red stripe. The reflexa is very decorative and isn't upright unlike other dracaenas. Instead it has twisted branches that form a rather wide and fluffy foliage.