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Luca Lifestyle is a Dutch company that offers a great selection of high quality pots that are handcrafted. Due to the fact they have their own production facility in Vietnam they are in control of the whole process from the first steps of the idea to delivery. They therefore can guarantee the quality of each and every pot.

There are six collections made by this brand - Grigio, Grigio Metallic, Struttura, Argento, Marrone and Stretto. We will describe them down below. Luca Lifestyle stands for products that last long and are being produced in an environmentally friendly way. By the way, their production facility has been made fully climate neutral.

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As mentioned Luca Lifestyle offers a great variety of top quality pots and planters which come under six collections: Grigio, Grigio Metallic, Struttura, Argento, Marrone and Stretto. We will now give you a short overview of them all.

Grigio is a great combination of a robust appearance of concrete and the lightweight yet strong as well as low-maintenance polyester. These products are guaranteed to be durable and resistant against all kinds of weather conditions.

Grigio Metallic is like Grigio but as the name states – topped off with appealing metallic colours. Thanks to the resistant material the pots are made of, the products can easily be used both indoors and outdoors. Grigio Metallic planters are beautiful and have this natural concrete look.

The pots of Struttura collection have a luxury appearance of natural clay and a raw look all in one lightweight planter. The products are frost and UV-resistant, too.

Argento products are perfect for those that love the modern style. The collection consists of a series of high quality planters, handmade from a mix of polyester and stone powder. This is a great combination as the planters are strong, durable, lightweight and easy to clean.

Marrone stands out with the use of recycled wood – the pots are made of a beautiful patterned hardwood. These planters come with waterproof recycled plastic inserts and some models are also equipped with wheels. Marrone series consists of two different lines - Vertical and the Orizzontale.

All of the Stretto collection planters are lightweight and made of 100% polyester. They also have an inside layer of polystyrene so that they can make sure the plants are well kept both in hot summers and protected in cold winters.