On this page you'll find a collection of decorative pots and planters by Altèra. Italian design and wide range let everyone find their favourites. All the products are divided into three categories - classic Combo, sculptural Deco and with built-in lighting Bright.

Altera: Design made for you

Designed in: Italy

The Italian brand Altèra lets you go for a modest option, a true piece of art or the golden mean – from the selection you will find the right one for you. Altèra pots are divided into three collections: classic Combo, sculptural Deco and lighted up Bright. If you’re interested then have a look at the entire catalogue.

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KING outdoor
MALI outdoor
TULIP outdoor
ALLURE outdoor
JONAS outdoor
COSMO outdoor
CASTLE outdoor
HI-CUBE outdoor
RISE outdoor

17 Items

Set Descending Direction
  1. Altèra - Gretel
    As low as €218.38
  2. Altèra - Hansel
    As low as €108.58
  3. Altèra - Bowl
    As low as €39.65
  4. Altèra - Cube
    As low as €47.58
  5. Altèra - LOCUBE
    As low as €84.18
  6. Altèra - HICUBE
    As low as €242.78
  7. Altèra - Prince
    As low as €218.38
  8. Altèra - Princess
    As low as €71.98
  9. Altèra - Rise
    As low as €108.58
  10. Altèra - Rook
    As low as €389.18
  11. Altèra - Rook Maxi
    As low as €486.78
  12. Altèra - Clyde
    As low as €291.58
  13. Altèra - Bonnie
    As low as €523.38
  14. Altèra - King
    As low as €49.81
  15. Altèra - Shot
    As low as €498.98

Altéra Pot and Planters Collection: A Collection of Italian Design

At Green4ever, we are proud to offer a wide selection of pots and planters by Altéra, a renowned Italian design company. We understand that choosing the right pot or planter can be just as important as selecting the perfect artificial plant. A harmonizing combo of plant and pot can elevate the look of any space, and with almost 200 stylish options in our collection, you are sure to find the perfect match for your home or business.

Altéra Pot and Planters Collection: A Range of Colours and Styles

Our Altéra pot and planter collection includes options in all kinds of colours, making it easy to find a pot that will complement your existing decor. We have three main series to choose from: the classic Combo, the sculptural Deco, and the Bright series, which features built-in lighting. The appearance of the pots in our collection ranges from standard and simple designs to true pieces of art, meaning there is a perfect pot for every interior.

Altéra Pot and Planters Collection: Quality for Every Price Range

In addition to offering a wide range of colours and styles, Altéra also offers high quality pots in every price range. Whether you are working on a small home project or a larger commercial project, there are plenty of suitable options within our collection. With so many pots and planters in stock, we can easily accommodate larger projects and deliver across Europe.

Altéra Pot and Planters Collection: An Interior Design Element

Pots and planters can serve as more than just a container for your plants. When chosen carefully, they can become a key element in your interior design. Whether you are looking for a simple and functional pot or a statement piece that will make a bold statement in your space, Altéra has something for everyone. Our collection includes options that are suitable for homes, offices, restaurants, and hotels, and customers can use the filters on our website to easily select the pot that meets their needs.

Overall, the Altéra pot and planter collection offers a wide range of options for any project, and we are confident that you will find the perfect pot to compliment your beautiful artificial plants. With high quality materials and a range of colours and styles to choose from, you can create a harmonizing combo that will elevate the look of any space.